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Nako Jig / Hover Hook Nano Smooth Coat

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  • Barcode: 6974333906220
  • Vendor: Nako

Product description

The ideal choice for anglers who enjoy crafting their own personalized jigheads. These hooks are designed to perfectly complement your favorite jig molds that utilize a 90-degree jig hook.

Crafted with utmost precision, the Nako 9150 Jig Hooks offer an exceptional combination of shaft length, a specialized hook point flattening process, smooth micro barbs, and outstanding strength. These features ensure that your finished jigs not only perform exceptionally but also deliver remarkable results on the water. Additionally, the hooks are coated with an ultra slide smooth nano finish, enabling lightning-fast hook penetration. With minimal pressure exerted from your rod, you can effortlessly set the hook into the fish's mouth.

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