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VMC RedLine Series Heavy Duty Flippin Hooks 4pk

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  • Sku: RSHDFL#4/0NTPP
  • Barcode: 043193155331
  • Vendor: VMC

Product description

Made with the same material used in Formula 1 race cars, the VMC Redline Series Heavy Duty Flippin Hooks are forged from vanadium steel for 25% increased strength while still remaining incredibly light. Ideal for pulling large bass out of heavy cover, the VMC Redline Series Heavy Duty Flippin Hooks are covered in a P.T.F.E. coating for 50% faster hook penetration and a silky smooth finish, well-equipped for seamless hook sets. They receive VMC’s compress needle point treatment, a grinding process that forges a super-sharp needle point to prevent dulling and rolled hook points

An exposed fluorocarbon bait keeper is epoxied on the hook shank to hold soft plastics securely in place, so you can keep fishing worry-free of slippage with even the most supple baits. To keep braided and fluorocarbon lines from slipping, the hook eye receives an epoxy seal, so you can fish confidently even when you're pulling big fish out of heavy vegetation. For easy and fast organization, a Hook-Lok accessory clips your flipping hooks together without clumping, a unique feature that helps you access hooks quickly. When it comes to elite flipping hook performance, the VMC Redline Series Heavy Duty Flippin Hooks leverage all the qualities of vanadium steel to deliver a flipping hook like no other.
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